About Breun Seed

Breun Seed GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 2013.

Saatzucht Breun decided that starting in August 2011 the worldwide distribution of Breun varieties would be carried out by Breun International Sales.

In January 2013 Saatzucht Breun founded a new company Breun Seed GmbH & Co. KG. Breun International Sales was integrated into this new company from January 2013 on.



Up to 2010

Distribution of Saatzucht Breun varieties abroad by the external distribution partner BayWa and service partner Breun´sche S + H Gmbh


International variety distribution of Breun varieties taken over by the company Saatzucht Josef Breun GmbH & Co. KG and service Partner Breun´sche S + H GmbH


Saatzucht Breun´s winter wheat ELLVIS became market leader in Sweden and Norway.


Foundation of Breun Seed GmbH - as a daughter company of Saatzucht Josef Breun – being in charge of the international distribution of all varieties bred by Saatzucht Josef Breun.


International successful Breun Seed malting barley SCARLETT became a worldwide Breun Seed trade mark.


Breun Seed winter wheat JB DIEGO became market leader in England and Ireland.


For strengthening of management board Christoph Meilick join the team. He will be second General Manager and responsable for Finance and Controlling.


For strenghtening of sales team international Sönke Weich join the team. He will be responsable for areas of Australia and Oceania.


For strengthening of sales team international Dirk Hämke join the team. He will be responsible for areas of France, Belgium, Netherlands, UK, Ireland and North Amerika.