Winter Wheat

Breun Seed distributes winter wheat varieties of Saatzucht Breun. Due to its difficult soil conditions Herzogenaurach is a very selective breeding station for winter wheat. All selected varieties are therefore characterized by an outstanding adaptability to different environmental conditions. This, and the large genetic diversity of the breeding material has created market-leading varieties, e.g. JB ASANO, JB DIEGO, ELLVIS. Actual Breun is successful with Informer in different European Countries.

Winter Barley

Breun Seed sales winter barley varieties of Saatzucht Breun, which is breeding two– and six-row winter barley. In the past Saatzucht Breun has been very successful with two-row malting types like REGINA and VANESSA. Today Saatzucht Breun prioritises the breeding of two- and six-rowed types for the German market and six-rowed varieties with malting quality for the French market. in different European Countries, e.g. Valerie and Amandine. In addition promising varieties are testing in official trials in France.

Spring Barley

Saatzucht Breun has been successfully breeding legendary spring barley varieties like ALEXIS, SCARLETT or BARKE in the past. Nowadays Breun Seed distributes varieties of Saatzucht Breun and a new era has started with the breeding of innovative Flexi-Malt® brewing barley varieties which allow cheaper processing to malt. Flexi-Malt® varieties can reduce 10-20 % of the energy costs in the malthouse. Furthermore, Flexi-Malt® varieties like AVALON and LEANDRA enable processing to malt even with protein levels of >12 % allowing higher nitrogen fertilisation and thus higher yields or reduced production risks for farmers on marginal sites. New alternative brewing barley types like FATIMA and ELLINOR provide higher yields and a better utilisation of winter moisture in dry regions with mild winters when sown in November/December.