Processing recommendation Berlin Program and CBMO approval in France for LEXY

Processing recommendation Berlin Program and CBMO approval in France for LEXY

Spring malting barley LEXY, bred by Saatzucht Breun, combines outstanding yields, agronomic characteristics, and disease resistance with excellent processability from grain to beer. The Berlin Program approval, confirmed 8th February 2022, was the most recent hurdle cleared on the way to the variety’s successful international market launch. In France, LEXY was approved a week earlier by the C.B.M.O. (= Committee of French Maltsters and Brewers). In addition, the recently published "Danish Preferred" results (stress test) confirm the expected properties of LEXY. After positive industrial scale malting trials from harvest 2022, LEXY is a candidate for the first triple acceptance amongst the major European malting barley evaluation systems.

LEXY offers a triple benefit for all players in the supply chain “grain-malt-beer”.

For farmers
Agronomically, LEXY scores with maximum yields and yield stability under a wide range of environmental and climatic conditions, and especially shows good drought resistance. LEXY also demonstrates very good straw stiffness as well as good resistances to all major leaf diseases, including mlo11 resistance to powdery mildew and, last but not least, very good grain characteristics, with a high proportion of the grain grading above 2.5mm. Already accepted by maltsters, LEXY offers valuable marketing opportunities.

For maltsters
LEXY possesses the Flexi-Malt® trait, which means it can be processed with alternating moisture contents and germination temperatures in the malting plant. The high modification malting type of LEXY fits perfectly into the state-of-the-art isothermal 65°C mashing process. Thanks to a balanced degradation of starch, protein and cell wall, sufficient nitrogen supply is ensured, and high final attenuation is achievable. LEXY’s very good cell wall degradation creates an economical and sustainable malting process. Grain of LEXY barley for malting will be available in the major malting barley countries France, Germany and Scandinavia from harvest 2022.

For breweries
LEXY’s naturally balanced enzyme profile permits brewing beer according the German Purity Law, i.e., beer without addition of external enzymes. Outside Germany, malted barley may be replaced by adjuncts (corn, un-malted cereals, etc.). LEXY, and other Flexi-Malt® types, depending on adjunct percentage and processing conditions, allow the brewer to reduce enzymic additives.
Most brewers will recognize the advantages in mashing and filtration when LEXY malt is used. Faster lautering and extended filtration cycles contribute to the sustainability currently in demand everywhere in terms of resource savings and climate protection.

The variety is distributed in Germany by Hauptsaaten für die Rheinprovinz GmbH, in France by Secobra Recherches SAS, in Spain by Limagrain Ibérica SA, in Poland by DANKO Hodowla Roślin Sp. z o. o. , in Denmark, Finland, Baltic Countries by Nordic Seed A/S and in Sweden by Lantmännen ek för.

LEXY is also being evaluated in the major malting barley production regions of North America, especially Idaho and Montana, where preliminary results are very encouraging.


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