„Less is more“.

Sustainability as part of the Breun DNA

For us, as a family-owned enterprise with a successful plant breeding history for more than 100 years, this motto expresses both motivation and challenge: we are constantly researching new and better solutions in order to make them available to users. This is the Breun contribution to feeding the world’s population while protecting the valuable resources of land, water, air and energy.

We are driven by conserving as many resources as possible for future generations. To achieve our goals, we cross and develop new varieties with classical tools and use the most modern analytical techniques. We also have enormous experience in growing grain crops through our agricultural farm. We promote sustainability by encouraging the spirit of innovation over many generations.


Today we use modern energy concepts such as co-generation - the simultaneous production of heat and power - and electromobility, to mention just two examples. For Breun, however, innovative sustainability does not end at the laboratory door!

Breun Nachhaltigkeit 1

Two generations: Josef and Martin Breun

We develop grain varieties that offer enormous sustainability potential for both agricultural cultivation and commercial processing:

  • Reduction of fertilizers and pesticides
  • Stable yield even under extreme weather conditions
  • Optimization of the ecological footprint of the crop

Our Flexi-Malt malting barley types are a good example. They allow the energy input needed to convert barley to malt to be reduced by a significant amount, thanks to specific genetic processing properties. Ex-perts consider the CO2 saving potential to be up to several hundred thousand tonnes per year. For us, sustainability is not just a clever term to use in our marketing materials. For Saatzucht Breun, as a 4th generation family business it ensures the long-term viability of the company. Actively helping to shape and develop a more sustainable world is part of our DNA.

That is my conviction as an entrepreneur, farmer and father of a family.

Martin Breun